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We all want love, connection and acceptance with other people. We’re social animals, and this connection with others is part of our physical, emotional and spiritual DNA.

Touch plays an crucial role in building these connections, scientific evidence clearly shows a connection that lack of touch in our life can lead to a myriad of health issues, anxiety, depression and an inability to connect with others. 

Most of us don’t get enough touch in our lives.


We’re touch-deprived, and most of us don’t even know it consciously. All we know is that there’s a deep sense of missing out, loneliness and stress. We feel this because there’s a biochemical yearning for something that is missing in our lives. and there is something missing: touch and the connection with others that it fosters.

That’s why we started Huggist. Safe, non-sexual, consensual touch fills a need that’s badly neglected in our society. hugging reduces stress at the very least and relaxes us, and on the inner level it nourishes our soul and helps us get in touch with our higher self-side. Much like meditation and yoga, non-sexual touch is healing and transformative.

Huggist brings together those who need touch (and that would be just about all of us!) with Certified, professional huggers who are experienced, safe, well-versed in hugging techniques and follow a code of conduct that set the conditions for a great session.

While any two people can hug, of course, what sets Huggist apart is that we are creating the marketplace for transformative hugging, and we bring the professionalism and best practices that make it work.

Huggist Profile

Head Huggist


My goal as your Higgist will be to serve the physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of your humanity because I believe they give meaning and purpose to life through connection inspired by the Holy Spirit.

My Hugging sessions allow you a safe place to be held, be close, surrender, and let go while still being at absolute choice. One of our key agreements is that either one of us will speak up if at any time we are uncomfortable. It’s not only OK to ask for what you want and tell me what you don’t want, it’s a promise we make to each other.

I invite you to reach out, let me know a bit more about you, and begin to enjoy your body, touch, and connection.

Hugging decreases stress hormones and increases feel-good hormones. You get both short-term and long-term benefits. Cuddling is good for relieving chronic pain and for relieving symptoms of trauma. Read those headings below for more information.

Short-term benefits include:

– increased relaxation and

– reduced pain.

Long-term benefits include:

– better sleep,

– more emotional stability,

– self-awareness and empowerment, and

– increased energy and reduced fatigue.


I currently accept cash, cheque, and e-transfer only.

If you cancel inside the 24 hour window, unless for illness or emergency, I keep the deposit and will reschedule with you once. If it happens again, I can no longer accept you as a client.


Skills & Specialties.


  • Reiki/energy work

  • Fellow Traveler

  • Non-judgement

  • Amateur Masseuse

  • Transformational Hugger

  • Inner Empathy

  • Active listening

  • Empathy

  • Love energy



My availability is pretty flexible given! I cuddle weekdays & weekends, mornings, afternoons & evenings. Be sure to book your appointment in advance to guarantee your preferred time :)


Few Types of Hugs



Research on Hugs.

Psychologists are now saying Hugging is so important, It May Be Worth Paying For

In fact, Hugging is now a professional form of therapy that reduces tension and anxiety and relieves stress and pain by boosting Oxytocin and reducing Cortisol. Yes, you can hire certified cuddle practitioners called “Huggists,” who are trained in non-sexual, therapeutic touch (and communicating consent, in case you were wondering).





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Monday - Friday: 7am - 10pm
Saturday: 8am - 12pm
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